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Open Source, Open Platform

Not only Another Discord

Tailchat: The next-generation noIM Application in your own workspaceWhat is noIM(not only IM)?

Current version: v1.11.5, release note

Feature Overview



Basic message support, multi message type like text/link/mention/image/file etc. and support append reaction for anything you want with messages.

You can join multiple groups, and discuss different topics, perhaps information and notifications, through multiple panels in the group. Not just a simple chat.

In the inbox, you can receive anything you need to know, such as mention or plugin notification. Or you can push anything on yourself.

AI Assistant

Communicate by AI, AI Assistant will help you improve your word, simplify your expression and even summary history messages.

Thanks for ChatGPT, Communicate with people will be easier and friendly.

Plugin Center

Tailchat has a complete plugin system. With plugins, you can integrate your apps and projects into your chat app in any form you want. Unlike VSCode, Tailchat has fewer restrictions on the form of expression. I think Tailchat is not only a chat app, but also a platform for integrating different applications. You can start a video conference, listen to music, use online tools and more in Tailchat.

At the same time, through plugins, you can further improve the chat experience, such as topic panel, end-to-end encryption, rich text, message notification, online drawing, receiving push from third-party applications, etc.

Group Roles

Tailchat has a builtin RBAC permission management system. Based on the combination of role assignment and permission points, various permission combinations can be matched. At the same time, permission points can be easily integrated by plugins, which are a very flexible design.

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Bot and Open Platform

Tailchat has a very simple way to integrate third-party applications with bot like most applications. A simple url request or add openapi app or even create a backend plugin. You can use anyway to connect anything, its free!

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Multi-platform Support

Tailchat design on HTML, and fit any platform or os, but its still some native support cannot provide in web. So Tailchat also has client to provide os support like mobile notification , desktop screenshot and etc.

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