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About Open App

Open platform is a common and traditional way of interacting between applications. For some simple requirements, we can implement data transfer between applications through an open platform.

In Tailchat. At present, it mainly provides two forms of open platform application capabilities: OAuth and Bot



OAuth enables external applications to log in through Tailchat accounts, just like Google, Github login methods, which can facilitate users to create a unified user platform based on Tailchat


The difference from the com.msgbyte.iam plugin: iam plugin provides a way to log in to Tailchat with an external account, such as using a Github account to log in to Tailchat, while the OAuth capability of the open platform is based on Tailchat account to log in to other platforms.

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Bot endows chatbots with interactive application capabilities, which means that Tailchat can not only passively receive external messages, but also actively forward internal chat requests to external applications for processing.

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Before using the relevant capabilities of the open platform, please ensure that the corresponding plug-in is installed, and ensure that the administrator has deployed the relevant capabilities of the open platform.

As a user, you need to install the com.msgbyte.integration plugin to add the application to your group

As a developer of open platform applications, you need to additionally install com.msgbyte.openapi to display the interfaces required by open platform applications