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Start developing plugins

Learn MiniStar

MiniStar is a complete microkernel architecture development toolchain, and the plugin architecture of Tailchat is developed based on MiniStar.

Learn more about MiniStar, you can check the official documentation of MiniStar:

Create a base project

First, make sure you have installed tailchat-cli, for command line tools, please refer to: tailchat-cli

Move to the project directory (can be a custom project):

tailchat create

Choose the template according to the actual situation

Install Plugin

Manually install plugin

Without any presets, a general method is to construct a manifest configuration by yourself, and then paste the configuration file into the tab of tailchat to provide manual installation plug-ins for installation.

The url path of the plugin can be proxied through methods such as oss object storage service / static-server

An example manifest.json configuration is as follows:

"label": "Web Panel Plugin",
"name": "com.msgbyte.webview",
"url": "/plugins/com.msgbyte.webview/index.js",
"version": "0.0.0",
"author": "msgbyte",
"description": "Provides groups with the ability to create web panels",
"requireRestart": false

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