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Why Tailchat

The design of Tailchat is to use a plug-in architecture to meet different needs of different groups of people.

For personal

  • If you want to play with friends
    • Create a group
    • Divide different topics through multiple channels
    • Use the web panel to share favorite web pages
  • If you want to gather your own fandom
    • Use bots to subscribe to your own messages and forward them to the chat panel
    • Let your fans gather together without creating countless qq groups/WeChat groups
    • Multiple channels allow multiple topics to be generated together
  • If you are very fancy about your privacy
    • Self-host to keep everything under control

For enterprise

  • The panel design meets the customized design needs of enterprises
  • Plug-in architecture can facilitate secondary development based on the core
  • The realization of self-host can protect the value of the enterprise and make the enterprise feel at ease
  • Open source code for easy review