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Pure Frontend Plugin (27) AI Assistant

Add chatgpt into Tailchat

com.msgbyte.bbcode BBCode Mmessage Interpreter

A plugin for supporting bbcode syntax to interpret rich text messages

com.msgbyte.biggerfont Bigger Font Size

Add the feature of enlarging the font size to Tailchat, which is convenient for different user

com.msgbyte.draw Drawing plugin

Allows sending custom drawings

com.msgbyte.env.electron Electron Support

Add support for Electron environment in Tailchat

com.msgbyte.env.rn React Native Support

Add support for ReactNative environment in Tailchat


Quickly open filepizza in the chat input box to support p2p file transfer

com.msgbyte.filesend filesend

Quickly open Filesend in the chat input box to support file transfer


Quickly open in the chat input box to support file transfer

com.msgbyte.genshin Genshin Toolbox

Add Genshin-related entertainment capabilities to Tailchat

com.msgbyte.integration third party integration

Used to integrate third-party applications in groups

com.msgbyte.intro Intro plugin

Turn on the ability to introduce the app for the first time for the app

com.msgbyte.mdpanel Markdown Panel

Add markdown panel support

com.msgbyte.miaolang Miaolang

It is allowed to send meow, and the two parties encrypt the conversation after installing the plugin. People who have not installed the plugin will see 'meow' Listen Music Online

Provide online music listening service, the content comes from the Internet

com.msgbyte.notify Message notification plugin

Ability to add notifications to apps

com.msgbyte.offline-icons Offline Icons

Add prefetched icons which need run in intranet environment

com.msgbyte.openapi Openapi Platform Plugin

Provide the operating capability of the open platform for the application

com.msgbyte.posthog Posthog

Posthog Statistics

com.msgbyte.sentry Sentry

Sentry error handling

com.msgbyte.snapdrop Snapdrop

Snapdrop —— Send files and messages on the same network

com.msgbyte.toolwa Tool frog!

Tool frog —— online tools

com.msgbyte.user.location User Location

Add geographic location records for user information

com.msgbyte.webview Web Panel Plugin

Provides groups with the ability to create web panels

com.msgbyte.wenshushu wenshushu

Quickly open Wenshushu in the chat input box to support file transfer

com.msgbyte.widget.sakana sakana-widget

Add sakana widget in tailchat

com.msgbyte.wormhole wormhole

Quickly open wormhole in the chat input box to support file transfer