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Video Conference solutions require SSL support, so only websites that support https will work properly

Tailchat provides those solutions for video and voice calls, you can choose according to the actual situation:

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## Tailchat Meeting

The video conferencing module is an important part of the suite of Tailchat series. Capabilities are provided as follows:

  • Voice communication

  • Video session

  • screen sharing

  • virtual background

  • file transfer

  • chat record

    At the same time, tailchat-meeting can also exist as an independent product, and you can quickly initiate/join meetings without logging in

    Project repository

  • Open source address:

  • Open source agreement: Apache 2.0

    Open source statement

    This project is based on secondary development of edumeet and mediasoup.

    On this basis, function addition, SDK implementation and code optimization were carried out. If you want to find a looser implementation of the open source protocol (MIT + ISC protocol), you can take a look at these two projects

Project Architecture