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Rich text syntax

For normal users

Tailchat has a built-in com.msgbyte.bbcode plugin for rich text message support (and it is installed by default).

The following is a list of syntaxes currently supported by the bbcode plugin:

KeywordDescriptionUsage ExamplePreview
bbold text[b]foo[/b]foo
itext italic[i]foo[/i]foo
uunderline text[u]foo[/u]foo
sstrikethrough text[s]foo[/s]foo
[url][/url] / [url= ]Official website[/url] / official website
atmention user[at=<hereisuserid>]moonrailgun[/at]-
markdown / mdmarkdown syntax support[markdown]## Heading[/markdown] / [md]## Heading[/md]-

For plugin developers

If your plugin needs to use unified rich text support, please implement this in your rendering function:

import { getMessageRender } from '@capital/common';

const Component = (text: string) => {
return <div>{getMessageRender(text)}</div>