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Github integration


This section is still WIP

Common user use

Install the application in the project


Install into the project repository.

Configure in the project

Create .tailchat/topic.json file in the root directory:

"groupId": "<your-notify-group-id>",
"panelId": "<your-topic-panel-id>"

Self-host configuration

An application needs to be registered in github before the application starts:

The following environment variables need to be configured during deployment:

  • APP_ID: from the github app settings
  • WEBHOOK_SECRET: from the github app settings
  • PRIVATE_KEY: from the github application settings
  • TAILCHAT_APP_ID: the id of the Tailchat open platform
  • TAILCHAT_APP_SECRET: The secret key of Tailchat open platform
  • TAILCHAT_API_URL: Tailchat backend address

In order to obtain TAILCHAT_APP_ID and TAILCHAT_APP_SECRET, you need to create an open platform application in the Tailchat open platform

At the same time, enable the robot permission and set the message callback link: https://<your_app_url>/message/webhook

Deploy open platform applications

Source code:

After pulling the source code and deploying it to an accessible online, there are two ways:

  • Standalone application: execute node lib/index.js after npm run build to run the application
  • Vercel: just push to Vercel directly