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Custom Builtin Plugin

In Tailchat's plugin center, you can see that the system has builtin some plugins for users to install by default, and these plugins cannot be uninstalled. For self-deployed enterprise users, it is particularly important to have all members install the enterprise or other preset plugins by default.

Next we will learn how to customize the builtin plugin list

Because plugins are loaded very early, Tailchat is designed to compile the list of builtin plugins into the source code to ensure that the page loads as quickly as possible. Therefore you need to compile the image manually

First you need to clone the source code:

git clone

Modify the builtin plugin list:

cd tailchat
vim client/web/src/plugin/builtin.ts

Add your configuration file (generally found in the manifest.json file in the plugin directory) to the exported variable builtinPlugins array according to the existing plugin list format.


The list of existing plugins can be seen here Plugin List

When the editing is completed, save it and make sure the current directory is in the root directory of tailchat. At this point you should be able to see the Dockerfile file directly in your directory.

Execute the command to compile your own image

docker build -t tailchat .

Where . represents the current directory, -t tailchat represents the compiled tag is tailchat, which can be read directly by the docker-compose.yml file

After the compilation is completed, just start it according to the normal operation: docker compose up -d


If you compile the image yourself, it is recommended to configure it above 2C4G