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· One min read

Feature updates

webrtc meeting optimization

  • Added access to app camera and microphone permissions, now the mobile can use audio and video services normally
  • Added builtin conversation view to optimize the experience of making calls on mobile phones

Other updates

  • Added basic information editing permissions and fix the bug of incorrect group field display
  • Added secondary confirm for topic deletion operation
  • Fixed a bug where the topic read may not work properly
  • Fixed a bug where the group drop-down menu may expand upwards
  • Fixed a bug where disabling plugins would not disable routing
  • cli smtp test command adds shutdown logic and adds time in test email
  • Hide member list function in livekit plugin
  • Add virtual users to avoid unused user information requests

· 2 min read

Feature updates

livekit plugin adds member panel

You can view the list of all participants and microphone status in the member panel

The livekit plugin adds the function of initiating audio and video sessions in multi-person sessions.

Now you can make audio and video calls directly from a private message conversation

The livekit plugin adds automatic invitation function for multi-person sessions

When the other party sends a message from the private message session, the invitation function will be automatically initiated. If the recipient is online, a prompt pop-up window and ring tone will pop up to invite the user to join the conversation (provided that the recipient has installed the livekit plugin)

The group member list allows right-click to quickly modify the identity group

Now allows quick assignment of membership groups through the right-click menu in the group member list, which is very useful for scenarios that require frequent assignment of identities.

Add friend list search function

In order to further optimize the management of multiple friends, a friend list search box has been added to quickly filter friends based on their nicknames and help users find friends.

Other updates

  • Add notification pop-up window night mode support
  • Add environment variable MINIO_SSL for manual control of minio ssl, suitable for using external s3 storage
  • Added a reload button to the settings page to facilitate reloading tailchat in non-webpage mode
  • Added a background color option to the web page panel to deal with style issues caused by transparent backgrounds on some web pages
  • Fixed the bug of transparent background color of message input box
  • Fixed the issue of token expiration not taking effect due to the timing issue of clearing cache when banning a user.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect inbox groupId when replying in a private conversation
  • (desktop): v0.1.0 improves server list management

· One min read

Feature updates

Add message search function

Searching for chat information in a session is now supported. Because of the search is directly request to database, there will be a timeout for performance reasons. That is, if the database does not return search results within 5 seconds, it will be considered a timeout.

Other updates

  • HTTP requests add static caching to object storage and public files
  • Add the environment variable REQUEST_TIMEOUT to customize the rpc request timeout, the default is 10 * 1000, in milliseconds
  • AI assistant adds more tips
  • Add telemetry information collection (can be turned off through environment variables)
  • Fix issue with iam plugin not fitting light theme in login view
  • Add defer tag to tianji script

· 2 min read

Feature updates

Added support for sharing screen on desktop version

Now, you can click on screen sharing on the electron and select the window you want to share.

Add desktop version and native browser rendering

Supports opening web pages that cannot be opened due to restrictions in the web version

For example, the following is a web page that cannot be nested due to website policies and will not be embedded due to web security restrictions.

But you can turn on native rendering of web pages and use built-in native browser rendering instead of embedding web pages.

In this way, you can break through the security restrictions of the other party's website and embed it into any page freely, just like using a browser

If the switch does not take effect immediately, you can press the shortcut key cmd + r to reload tailchat

Other updates

  • Increase file access count record
  • Add message search interface
  • admin: Support deleting private messages
  • fix problem which ai assistant will be transparent in popover in light mode
  • fixed the bug where # would appear when typing without rich text plugin being loaded
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the database to record files repeatedly when uploading the same file

· One min read

Feature updates

Add panel view permissions

In order to better control the poanel display, panel view permissions have been added in this update. You can control the user display method in the group level or panel level permission control.

You can control the display and hiding properties of the panel through a combination of permissions.

It should be noted that the group-level permissions and panel-level permissions are merged rather than overwritten. This means that if the group permissions are turned on, the user will have relevant permissions regardless of whether the panel permissions are turned on or not.


After this update, the default group permissions will be lost. This is because new permissions have been added and the previous groups were not granted this permission. For specific repair methods, you can read this blog to learn more: Group view panel permission problem

Other updates

  • Added clipboard processing tools
    • Added url processing tool by default
  • admin: Added all file size statistics
  • Fixed linkmeta plugin support for bilibili video links
  • Fixed the problem that the linkmeta plugin does not match the bbcode address