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Release Note v1.8.0

· 2 min read
  • The new version of admin has been officially launched to replace the old version of the admin system
    • If you still want to use the old version of the admin system, you can use admin-old.yml, and the image will not continue to build the old version of the admin in subsequent versions. If you need the old version of the admin but the new version of the admin does not support it, please as soon as possible Open an issue to let us know
  • Optimized the font of the chat page and beautified the font performance on the windows platform
  • Fixed a bug that the user name of the @ function could not be displayed normally when the user name contained spaces
  • Fixed a bug where casual users could verify email
  • Added preprocessing of admin file path
  • Added a group independent page, now you can extract the group page separately
  • Admin added batch delete
  • Admin adds user field display logic
  • Cli has added the smtp test command, you can now quickly send a test email through the cli tool to verify the entire link
  • Cli adds various stress testing commands to test the number of users online
  • The health interface adds more context, including instance id, process information
  • Released the stress test report, you can see the content of the stress test report here: The Tailchat benchmark report is freshly released, just takes 1.2 seconds to fully accept broadcast messages in 10k user