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Release Note v1.9.2

· 2 min read

Feature updates

Added support for sharing screen on desktop version

Now, you can click on screen sharing on the electron and select the window you want to share.

Add desktop version and native browser rendering

Supports opening web pages that cannot be opened due to restrictions in the web version

For example, the following is a web page that cannot be nested due to website policies and will not be embedded due to web security restrictions.

But you can turn on native rendering of web pages and use built-in native browser rendering instead of embedding web pages.

In this way, you can break through the security restrictions of the other party's website and embed it into any page freely, just like using a browser

If the switch does not take effect immediately, you can press the shortcut key cmd + r to reload tailchat

Other updates

  • Increase file access count record
  • Add message search interface
  • admin: Support deleting private messages
  • fix problem which ai assistant will be transparent in popover in light mode
  • fixed the bug where # would appear when typing without rich text plugin being loaded
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the database to record files repeatedly when uploading the same file