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Release Note v1.8.8

· 2 min read

Feature Update

Add analysis feature

The analysis feature can help you quickly understand the usage of your server and see the active status at a glance

Add local messages to avoid network errors that send the same message repeatedly

In a low-speed network, when the message is sent, it will be displayed on the screen immediately to the message list, which is displayed semi-transparently. When the sending is successful, it will be corrected to the normal display according to the returned content.

Optimize the prompt for unprocessed friend requests

When there is an unprocessed friend request, it will be prompted in the sidebar and navigation bar at this time to ensure that users will not miss information

Other Updates

  • Added plugin to allow automatic joining of groups after registration
    • You only need to configure the corresponding environment variables to take effect, see the document for details: com.msgbyte.autojoinGroup
  • Added the function of grouping group members by status
  • admin adds the function of creating groups
  • admin adds the function of adding group members
  • admin supports searching groups and users by ID
  • Add i18n support for antd and WebFastifyForm
  • Fixed an issue where the AI assistant would bypass the recall prompt when summarizing messages
  • Fix the bug that the badge will pop up when hovering in the sidebar
  • Fix the bug that local messages can be manipulated when sending messages