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Release Note v1.8.6

· One min read
  • Added a flashing prompt on the desktop after receiving a message
  • Added a new version update prompt function on the desktop
  • Desktop version reduced icon size from 1600x1600 to 512x512
  • Fixed an issue with internationalization translations in the panel
  • tailchat-client-sdk adds TailchatWsClient for robot interaction in long connection scenarios, which is more flexible than TailchatHTTPClient
    • The original TailchatClient was renamed to TailchatHTTPClient
  • Added tushan icon in about panel
  • Added some missing offline icons
  • Optimized page load time and allowed to manually click the button to refresh resources
  • Optimized the character text position and style of com.msgbyte.genshin to fit the icon more closely
  • Optimized the memory usage of the default configuration and reduced the number of instances. For users who have deployed before, it is recommended to use the docker-compose down command to clean up the previous container before using docker-compose up -d to start
  • Removed the old version of the admin system to reduce the image size
  • Removed w2a source code