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Release Note v1.8.1

· One min read
  • Add a third-party login plugin (com.msgbyte.iam), currently supports github login, deployment document see iam - Third party login
  • The inbox supports content in markdown format
  • Added the ability to send system messages. Currently, it supports single person sending and everyone sending markdown format notifications. You can see the feature entry in the admin system.
    • Everyone is sent according to the number of registered users on the server. If there are too many users, it is not guaranteed to be received in real time.
  • Added the ability to modify the nickname when registering to strengthen the user's awareness of modifying the nickname
  • Added the com.msgbyte.env.electron plugin to prepare for the desktop
  • Beautify the dashboard chart color
  • Beautify the github star prompt and add emoji
  • Fix some known issues

In addition, the desktop version will release the first beta version in the nearly future