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Release Note v1.8.9

· 2 min read

Feature update

Add group drag sorting

#120 Users will be able to flexibly organize the order of groups according to their preferences and priorities, optimizing the actual use experience

Add the operation of directly creating a multi-person session in the sidebar

Other Updates

  • Add iam proxy support for github
    • Now you can modify the remote request address through environment variables IAM_GITHUB_URI_AUTHORIZE IAM_GITHUB_URI_ACCESS_TOKEN IAM_GITHUB_URI_USERINFO
  • Adjust the multiplayer session strategy, the two-player session will reuse the previous logic, and the multiplayer session will be created repeatedly instead of reusing the previous session
    • This is prepared to adapt to the discussion of different topics that may appear in the same group of people
  • Fix the bug that an error will occur when adding multiple users to a group role
  • Fix the bug that errors may occur when rendering a two-player session
  • Fixed the problem that dragging the user's avatar in the chat list would cause abnormal interaction #135
  • Fix the problem that the operation is repeatedly pushed and the duplicate user will be displayed
  • Fix the bug that the badge component will change the height of the container
  • Fix message confirmation does not trigger update issue
  • Fixed the problem that the plug-in root routing path was incorrect
  • Fix the bug that the boot code will break when the environment variable DISABLE_CREATE_GROUP is turned on
  • Fixed the bug of abnormal size when multiple avatars were rendered at the same time
  • Increase the optimization of offline icon sorting to reduce meaningless updates
  • Optimize the experience of sending messages under low-speed network
  • Optimize DM message support sorting by recent message