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Release Note v1.8.4

· 2 min read

Feature update

Added group invitation code usage statistics and usage limit control

You can make secondary edits when creating, or manage invitation codes in the group panel for editing

For non-founder roles to edit, you need to give editing permissions to edit

In addition, you can now see the usage of the invitation code in the group invitation code settings (the previous usage will not be counted)

Added group background picture function

Now you can add a background image to the group as a dimension, you can see this setting item in the group details -> configuration

Currently visible on the invite to join page

Other Updates

  • Added environment variable DISABLE_PLUGIN_STORE to disable user's plugin center page
  • Added the environment variable DISABLE_ADD_FRIEND to disable the user's add friend page
  • Fix the bug that the github login cannot be registered normally if there is no email address
  • Add invitation code generation verification to prevent two bugs with the same invitation code in a very small probability, and add a unique index at the database level
  • Fix the color adaptation of server card light color theme
  • Fix the bug that the input box will also be cleaned up when the sending problem occurs due to network exceptions and other situations that cannot be sent
  • Optimize the user experience of the plugin, for the group that has already joined, it will jump directly instead of popping up the prompt of failure to join the group
  • Desktop version adds reload and other menus
  • Desktop version optimizes the file download operation, and the folder will be opened automatically after the file is downloaded
  • Optimized the message of github subscription and added a hyperlink to the project
  • Removed the builtin com.msgbyte.linkmeta plugin on the official website based on performance considerations