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Release Note v1.9.1

· One min read

Feature updates

Add panel view permissions

In order to better control the poanel display, panel view permissions have been added in this update. You can control the user display method in the group level or panel level permission control.

You can control the display and hiding properties of the panel through a combination of permissions.

It should be noted that the group-level permissions and panel-level permissions are merged rather than overwritten. This means that if the group permissions are turned on, the user will have relevant permissions regardless of whether the panel permissions are turned on or not.


After this update, the default group permissions will be lost. This is because new permissions have been added and the previous groups were not granted this permission. For specific repair methods, you can read this blog to learn more: Group view panel permission problem

Other updates

  • Added clipboard processing tools
    • Added url processing tool by default
  • admin: Added all file size statistics
  • Fixed linkmeta plugin support for bilibili video links
  • Fixed the problem that the linkmeta plugin does not match the bbcode address