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Release Note v1.8.3

· One min read
  • Added the offline icon plugin as the default builtin plugin, now tailchat can be used normally in the whole intranet environment
  • Added a discovery plugin (, users can join groups through the discovery page
    • The group card of the exploration plugin currently only allows manual addition of records in the Admin platform
  • Added the group description function, which can only be displayed in the group card on the exploration page at present
  • The number of group members is displayed in the group summary
  • Admin home page statistics time range changed from 7 days to 14 days
  • Added com.msgbyte.linkmeta plugin as official builtin plugin
  • Fixed the problem that the logo position would shift when the sidebar scroll bar appeared
  • Fixed the problem that the result returned by the AI assistant plugin was too long and could not see all the content
  • Optimized cache management for some requests