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Release Note v1.8.11

· One min read

Feature update

Open platform application management enhancement

  • Added the viewing and modification of application name, description and avatar
  • Added the feature of returning to the application list
  • Added delete app feature

Other Updates

  • admin add file delete action, also delete minio files and allow fuzzy matching by objectName
  • OAuth adds display support for custom open platform avatars
  • The optimization algorithm complements the missing offline icons in the static analysis
  • Fixed the bug that the add friend button was still displayed when the DISABLE_ADD_FRIEND function was turned on
  • Fixed the problem that the button to jump to the tab without adding friends is incorrect
  • Fixed the problem that the icon flickered after modifying the user settings
  • Fix the bug that in some cases the user settings cache is lost, resulting in the loss of the past configuration of the user's modified data
  • The open platform fixes the error caused by the avatar parsing problem
  • Optimized group drag and drop sorting logic, added Y-axis lock