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Release Note v1.8.5

· 2 min read

Feature update

Global Announcements

Global announcements can now be enabled in the System -> Announcement tab in the admin management platform

After clicking submit, all users will immediately display a global announcement on the page, as follows:

Users can click the close button on the far right to close this notification.

In addition, if the content of the announcement is more complicated, you can also choose to add an announcement link. When the link is not empty, a Learn More button will be displayed on the announcement.

Admin cache management optimization

Subdivided Admin's cache management because we realized that it would be very brute force for administrator to update the client's configuration only by modifying environment variables, but only by clearing all caches.

Therefore, we subdivided the cache management and extracted the function of cleaning the client cache separately

Other Updates

  • Add call config.setClientConfig to send notifications to all users
  • Fixed a security issue that may cause xss attacks when using html panels
  • Optimized the storage method of the html panel to reduce the data packet pressure generated by the first loading
  • Fixed the situation where the user may not be able to obtain the nickname when the iam plugin uses github to log in because there is no name field
  • Fixed the problem that the list of plugins may be displayed repeatedly due to certain circumstances
  • Fixed the problem that the uploaded gif image may not be played due to the compression algorithm
  • Optimized the rendering performance of the member list in the case of large data