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Deployment admin platform (optional)


The feature of admin is still being iterated, and it is currently in the early trial version We will continue to enrich the internal content in the future

Get the latest admin configuration from github:


Set the account and password of the admin in the environment variable docker-compose.env:

ADMIN_PASS=<Write the independent background password here, do not tell others>

Then use Multiple Files to start the application:

docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -f admin.yml up -d

Pay attention to the order, because admin.yml depends on docker-compose.yml, so it should be placed behind

At this time, add /admin/ after the access backend address to access:

Note: don't forget to have a / at the end

About the deprecated legacy admin
admin-old will be remove in v1.8.6. you can checkout version before to get it